Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Victory In Jesus

While yet a college student I happened across a slim volume written by Calvin Miller and published by InterVarsity Press entitled, The Singer. In opening this book up I discovered the gospel presented in a fictional world and in verse. Here the unforgettable character of the Singer (Christ) was presented as the one who brought the Song of life (the Gospel). Each step of the way he was met with the opposition of the dread Hater (Satan).  I will never forget reading for the first time, the victory of Christ as written by Miller. Here in part is what I found:

He (the Hater) reached the threshold of eternity and found the doorway of the worlds not only open but clearly ripped away. He strained to hear the everlasting wail, the eternal dying which he loved. All was silent. Then he heard the Song.

“No,” he cried. “Give me back the door and key for this is my domain.” He felt again and found the great key at his waist had disappeared.

“Where is the key? Where is the key?” the Hater cried. But all the while the Hater knew. Each man on Terra had a key. And never could they come into the Canyon of the Damned unless they chose to do it. To live there, men would have to reject the Song. . .

This is the victory that Christ won. Death no longer has dominion. Life has been established as the stronger. Only those who reject life and embrace death will receive eternal separation from God. As Miller so aptly puts it in an imaginary conversation between a man and God,

“God, can you be merciful and send me off to hell and lock me in forever?”

“No, Pilgrim, I will not send you there, but if you chose to go there, I could never lock you out.”

This is the month of victory! Share the good news with someone you love this month.

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