Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Think Globally

The call of Jesus is a call to establish local caring and compassionate communities of faith. In order for this to occur it is essential for the people of Christ to see beyond themselves and their own community -- to think globally.

While the support for missionaries has often been a cornerstone activity of evangelical churches, it is just as important to recognize the larger need. The modern missionary movement had its roots in prayer. Perhaps the greatest single event was a culmination of people gathering to pray in the years from 1806-1810 which was birthed with the famous "Haystack Prayer Meeting." Prayer has been and continues to be vital in reaching people with the gospel.

Today, within the 21st century there are still distinct cultural people groups who do not have a gospel witness in their own language and culture. The United States Center for World Mission (USCWM) seeks to develop interest and prayerful concern for these unreached people groups. To accomplish this the USCWM publishes each month a daily prayer guide, "Global Prayer Digest" which focuses on specific unreached people groups from around the globe. "Global Prayer Digest" is now online with its daily content.

We urge people to pray for the expansion of Christ's kingdom that those yet unreached with the gospel might discover the fullness of Joy and Grace found only in Christ.

To access the daily prayer guide click on this link: Global Prayer Digest.

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